Our sales representative was very knowledgeable of the products and made sound recommendations.

- Gene R.

Our house had 22 110-year-old leaking, rattling, wooden sash windows…Please thank (those) who worked so hard on 'This Old House' to make it new again.

- John K.

The crew showed up on time. They were courteous. They were respectful of our home and yard. We were replanting grass and they took great care not to walk on it.

- Mike & Doreen H.

They showed me how to operate the windows to wash them….We were very impressed with the crew's dedication... What a great job and a pleasant experience for us!

- Mrs. William H.

I hope any company aiding us in the future will be as good as the team of Window World.

- Christian P.

There was not even a gum wrapper on the ground when your crew was finished.

- Roseanne D

When they were done, it looked like they hadn't been there, except for the new windows.

- John C.

I would and will recommend you to all my friends. I am a real estate agent and will refer any client needing windows to your company.

- Buzz N.

The finished product is beautiful. We could not be happier. In fact we've told all of our neighbors.

- Mike and Doreen H.

My home looks fantastic! Keep up the great work and keep that awesome crew.

- Sharron M.

After having a great experience with our window installation, we decided to have Window World install a new sliding glass door.

- Christian P.

Video Testimonials

Windows, Acoustics and Noise Suppression

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Benefits of Energy-Efficient Windows

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Our Clients' Favorite Windows

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Window World Installers and the Installation Process

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Customer Referrals

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Window World's Friendly Sales Staff

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Window Security and Durability

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Window World Customer Service

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Lifetime Warranty on Windows

Watch Video - 2:32 min.

Why Customers Chose Window World

Watch Video - 6:13 min.

Fantastic from beginning to end!

Our sales rep Damien was polite and courteous. He sold the value of the Window World products and service positively which made for an easy decision amongst your competitors quotes... though your pricing too was a major factor.

When it came to the installation, it would be impossible to overstate how pleased and impressed I was with Kevin and Justin Margas. Sincerely I was truly blown away. They were perfectly on time and truly pleasant and helpful during the entire install process. They managed to seem very inconspicuous while installing and were very accommodating for a house with two small children roaming around beyond that though I can't begin to thank them for the astounding quality of their craftsmanship. From the crisp and clean molding of the exterior to the phenomenal trim work of the interior. It is safe to say I am impressed beyond my lofty expectations.

I will gladly recommend Window World for any and all as my experience from price to quality of final product has been truly remarkable. I will also use them myself for any future window work myself and I would personally request Kevin & Justin for the job.

Skip M.

Fantastic New Windows & Siding!

I have to tell you how thrilled I am about choosing your company to do my house. The windows & siding are terrific. The product is superior to the other choices I've looked at the value is outstanding. The installers were polite, efficient and very neat and clean in their work. The salesman cared enough to pass by when he was in the area one day to make sure everything went well. He examined all the work and found something with one of the windows. I didn't notice, but he said it wasn't up to Window World expectations. He ordered a new sash to be delivered. I thought that was incredible to care so much about his customers. His name is Damien Constantine. He is an asset to your business. Thanks for a great deal.

Robert M.

Our Congregation Absolutely Loves the Windows!

We want to say Thank You so much for the windows and for the work it took to install them. They are absolutely beautiful. We are still just as in shock that you have done this for our church. I know you must have thought we were crazy when Pastor came back into your office to be sure we had understood your offer correctly. I'm sure our chins must have hit the floor that afternoon. We just couldn't believe that we had heard you right.

The reason we had gotten quotes was to see how far off we were from having enough money to pursue the project. Pastor really wanted to push to bring in the funds this year and complete this project as soon as we could. We were really expecting that to be an end of the year or next spring project at the very soonest. Please know that we appreciated what you did for our church very much. Our congregation absolutely loves the windows. It makes such a difference having sunlight coming into the sanctuary as well as being able to see outside. We, as well as the other people in the church, are praying that God will bless your families and your business tremendously! We will certainly recommend you to anybody we know looking into getting windows.

Victory Baptist Church
Peoria, IL

Window World Installers Came To The Rescue!

I had to write to thank you for the amazing service I had from you and your Window World Company. The excellence in service started right away with your first sales call. You came with books, pictures, and ideas and really helped me decide the best possible outcome for my new kitchen window configuration. Your confidence and expertise was not evident in the other two sales reps I had come in to give me estimates. You were supportive of my plan to not do all the windows right away and didn't push. Thank you and yes I will be getting the rest of them done soon. The call I received from your office further indicated that excellence in service in your organization is something everyone on every level strives for. The woman who called said she had my windows and she knew it was last minute but do I want them installed tomorrow. I said, "Yippee!!" and she was thrilled. She thanked me for letting them install at the last minute and said "normally we don't do this." She was wonderful. The crew arrived on time and on mission. The team lead by Mike was moving fast, working well together and totally impressive. They treated each other with respect and if anyone even walked slowly I did not see it! Some of the other companies said it would take three days to install. Your team took 2 hours. This in no way should be interpreted as taking shortcuts. I watched them work and for the life of me I have no idea how it could ever take three days. They picked up all the debris in the yard, damaged no shrubs and Gary, you coming by to check on things made me feel like my small sale was very important to you.

As I was filling out my paper work, after Mike had taken the time to show me every new feature about my windows, someone came running in asking me for a towel. We grabbed a towel and headed outside to find a young man on the ground unconscious, bleeding from his head. Our victim, Cliff, had ridden his bike into the Window World trailer head on with no helmet. Roger, one of the Window World installers, was holding Cliff's head wound together with his hand to stop the bleeding. He was on the phone with 911 and emergency help was on the way probably about 10 seconds after the accident. He directed the rest of us in getting ice to make the hot asphalt more bearable for Cliff, standing in the way of the sun to make him more comfortable and talking to him to keep him alert. Roger is a volunteer EMT and our victim could not have been in better hands. It is my belief that God put him right where he needed to be. The rest of us standing around were sure happy he was there! He even cleaned up the bloody towel for me and even offered to clean the street where a significant amount of blood had pooled. Way impressive. When the fire department and ambulance arrived I joked with the Window World guys and asked if they got the rest of the day off since this was emotional and had set them well behind in their pace. Mike said no. Someone else was just as excited as I was to get their new window and they were off. I had to get replacement windows since the replacement windows that were in my house from a company called Window Man failed. The company is now out of business and I have no recourse for my guarantee. I went with your company based on great service I had from you, your price was lower or in line with my other estimates and the fact that your company is big, I felt you could honor the guarantee if anything ever did go wrong. I will now recommend you to anyone who will listen for your outstanding products and service. I would be honored for you to use me as a reference.

Leslie Deal
Virginia Beach, VA

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